My Breakfast at Tiffany’s Experience

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YOU GUYS! I finally got to eat at the Tiffany’s Blue Box cafe! The restaurant has been open since November 2017 and is located on the 4th floor of the Tiffany’s flagship store in NYC.  They require an online reservation a MONTH in advance and are extremely hard to get!

Yesterday my husband and I made the drive up to NYC and almost missed our reservation because his meeting with a colleague was running behind, I left my phone in a park (thankfully the person who found it was honest and gave it back!), and we got stuck in major traffic on the way to the restaurant. We finally made it to Tiffany’s – although flustered and a half hour late.

The restaurant was smaller than I envisioned, but just as gorgeous – all of the decor was dressed in the iconic Tiffany blue. I expected the restaurant to be super crowded and loud, but it was just the opposite. Tiffany’s really focused on the customer experience – the staff never rushed you, reservations were spaced out appropriately and the tables weren’t on top of each other like you find in most NYC restaurants.

I will warn you that the menu isn’t cheap, though. My husband and I each had a glass of wine, I ordered the Tiffany tea (comes with  various finger sandwiches and desserts) and my husband ordered a starter and small sandwich. The final bill was $180! The food itself was average, but you pay for the experience – which in my opinion, was worth every penny! The presentation was gorgeous from start to finish, and I enjoyed the Tiffany blend tea so much that we bought some to take home with us!

I definitely recommend checking out this restaurant if you’re in the area! Tiffany Blue Box Cafe website



The tea package we were able to take home with us! ($150 USD)

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