10 Things I Do Every Month to Stay Sane!


Let’s face it. Life is hard! Most of us have full-time jobs and are full-time parents, on top of trying to maintain a social life and remembering to cross a million things off your to-do list. It’s often easy to put yourself last, but it’s so important to pamper ourselves a little, too! It’s something that I was reminded of when I first had daughter and finding time to myself was difficult. Remember to refresh and “fill your tank” every day – a happy spouse, co-worker, parent, and/or friend benefits everyone!

Below are ten things I do that are just for me. This list is different for everyone, but the point is that you should make a list of the things that make YOU happy and fulfilled. It may be writing a blog post, curling up to a good book, or playing video games.  As my hubby always put it, “You do you, boo!”

  1. Mani/pedi/facial – Yes, I know this sounds a bit high maintenance, but making regular visits to the nail salon and spa makes me feel more put together and I also enjoy the quiet time that I have to myself!
  2. Therapy – I’m not ashamed to admit that I go to a therapist regularly. Even if you aren’t going through a major life crisis, it feels good to talk aloud to an unbiased person about what’s happening in your life.
  3. Massage – Ever since Sophia has been born, my back hurts from all of the picking up and bending over. After my massage, I feel like I can run marathons (ok, maybe more like two miles)!
  4. Gym – I’ve never been a big fan of working out and it’s always been a chore for me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that my metabolism is not what it used to be after a baby. I really appreciate the energy and balance that working out provides.
  5. Dress Up – There’s a quote “I’m in a good mood if I’m wearing a cute outfit” and it’s so true! Personally, it’s one of the main reasons I rarely wear sweatpants and hoodies. It’s different for everyone, but when I wear sweats I feel that I look sloppy and tired. It doesn’t mean I have to wear an evening gown every day, but sometimes a cute romper and a little hair and makeup can go a long way in making you feel good for the day.
  6. Mediate and take time to reflect – I’ll admit that I’m still working on this one (I’ve always been a skeptic of meditating) but a lot of people close to me swear by it and I can see how it can help minimize your stress and clear your mind. I also try to think of 3 things I’m thankful for when I wake up each morning. Starting off your day on a positive note is the best medicine!
  7. Shopping – My immediate destressor! I love going to the mall because it lets me get out of the house, interact with my friends, and most importantly find cute clothes! I don’t enjoy online shopping not so much – there’s too many choices and it’s easy to fill your cart with things you don’t need!
  8. One indulgence to keep yourself motivated – Maybe it’s a pair of heels or an expensive bag! I like to reward myself every so often with something that I normally wouldn’t buy myself. We’re worth it!
  9. Date night and brunches – It’s important to be social, too! Plan a date night every few weeks with your spouse and meet your girlfriends for brunch or high tea. It keeps life fun!
  10. Spring cleaning – I clean out my closet religiously! I get rid of or donate things that I don’t need – decluttering your space is like decluttering your mind. Only keep the things that you need and enjoy!

Leave a comment with your favorite activity to unwind!

xx, Kelly


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