Q&A Session – Get to Know Me!

Hi friends! I wanted to try something different and do a Q&A post! I asked what you’d like to know about me and compiled a list of the top questions! It’s easy to scroll through Instagram feeds and see pretty photos of everyone’s outfits and travels, but we don’t know much more about each other other than what we are limited to in a caption! It was fun answering these questions and sharing a little bit more about myself. I’d love to know if we have anything in common! 🙂 

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My New Love for Jumpsuits!

Hi friends! Being petite, I always feared jumpsuits and stayed far, far away from them! I was afraid that all of the material would overwhelm my petite frame and make me appear shorter than I already am! I always thought the jumpsuit style was cute though, so recently I decided to try one on for the first time and was SHOOK. It actually didn’t look bad and even elongated my body a little bit!

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Is Microblade Really Worth It?

Hi friends! It’s been a couple months since I had my microblade done and it’s one of the easiest and best self-care decisions I’ve made! It’s an immediate confidence boost waking up in the morning to perfectly arched eyebrows. It sounds a bit superficial as I write that, but it’s true! Eyebrows frame your face and having too thick or too thin eyebrows can really change your entire look. It’s also great for beach vacations so you’ll have great eyebrows even when swimming! Lastly and probably the biggest advantage is that microblade is a huge time saver – I love eliminating this step from my makeup routine everyday!

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