Is Microblade Really Worth It?

Hi friends! It’s been a couple months since I had my microblade done and it’s one of the easiest and best self-care decisions I’ve made! It’s an immediate confidence boost waking up in the morning to perfectly arched eyebrows. It sounds a bit superficial as I write that, but it’s true! Eyebrows frame your face and having too thick or too thin eyebrows can really change your entire look. It’s also great for beach vacations so you’ll have great eyebrows even when swimming! Lastly and probably the biggest advantage is that microblade is a huge time saver – I love eliminating this step from my makeup routine everyday!

I’ll warn you that the microblade process is pricey ($600), lengthy (3 hours), and painful (for me, anyway!). The estesian begins with penciling the desired shape on your eyebrows. There are several adjustments back and forth to make sure the shape is to your liking and flattering to your face. I personally wanted straight k-pop eyebrows but it looked completely silly on me! I ended up with a much thicker brow (it was embarrassing how thin mine were!) and a slight arch. After I looked at my newly penciled eyebrows in the mirror I got so excited – I felt like a new person!

Once you are happy with the shape of the eyebrows, the estescian will put lidocaine or a similar numbing ointment on your eyebrows. This takes around 20-30 minutes to set in. She then uses a scalpel type tool with a very fine point (not as scary as I’m describing it), dips it in ink, and lines and shades your eyebrows with individual strokes. Eventually the lidocaine wore off and we would have to take a brief break while she applied more.

The tools used for microblade – yes, it hurts!

After the application process is completed, she will clean the area, apply an antibiotic ointment and send you on your way! I was immediately obsessed with my new shape but a bit nervous because it looked much darker than the medium brown color I chose. Over the next few days, you have to be very careful washing the area, avoiding makeup and oils. The area slowly starts to peel and a much lighter and natural looking color was underneath – whew!

1. My thin and over plucked eyebrows without any brow filler! So bad right?!
2. My eyebrows one day after getting microblade done – they look very thick, sharp and dark
3. My eyebrows one month after my initial micro blade session – my shape is starting to fade
4. My eyebrows one week after having the touch-up micro blade session – fresh out of shower and absolutely no makeup! 😀

If it is your first time getting microblade done, they recommend that you get a touch up around one month later because of the initial peel (no extra charge where I had mine done). After the initial touch up, I was told I will need a touch up every year since the ink isn’t permanent. I’m happy it’s not permanent since I may want to eventually change my shape or a different color as I get older! I love my microblade and only regret that I didn’t do it sooner! 

xx, Kelly

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