Q&A Session – Get to Know Me!

Hi friends! I wanted to try something different and do a Q&A post! I asked what you’d like to know about me and compiled a list of the top questions! It’s easy to scroll through Instagram feeds and see pretty photos of everyone’s outfits and travels, but we don’t know much more about each other other than what we are limited to in a caption! It was fun answering these questions and sharing a little bit more about myself. I’d love to know if we have anything in common! 🙂 

  1. Who are your favorite designers? Where are your favorite places to shop? I love Chanel and Chloe! Fave designers more in my price range are For Love and Lemons, Free People and Top Shop. I do most of my shopping online from Revolve, ShopBop and Bebe. When I go to the mall, I like to shop at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Express.
  2. Are you going to have more children? I get asked this question a lot 🙂 I’m open to the possibility, but not right now. I enjoy my time with Sophia and my two step-children!
  3. What is it like being adopted? Have you tried to find your birth parents? I had a very normal upbringing so I honestly didn’t think too much about being adopted other than knowing I didn’t look like the rest of my family. My parents were very open and positive about my adoption. I was always very grateful to my birth mom for selflessly giving me the opportunity for a better life. I tried to find her a few years back, but didn’t have any luck. I was adopted through Holt, and they did a search and told me she was still alive and the city she lived in. But when they sent a telegram (who sends telegrams anymore, by the way?!), her husband received it instead of her. He didn’t know about my adoption, so that’s when I ended my search. It’s crazy to think that I have siblings and family that I’ve never met, but it honestly doesn’t affect me or how I live my life. I’m very appreciative for the loving upbringing I had and wouldn’t change a thing.
  4. What are your favorite things about Philly? Philly is a foodie city – they have some of the most amazing restaurants! It’s also the perfect size for me – not too big to be overwhelming, but not too small so there is always something new to explore! I also love how diverse Philly is – the City of Brotherly Love!
  5. What do you do as your day job? I work for a Defense Company where I manage financials for multi-million dollar projects that build missiles for the Navy. I enjoy my job, but it’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds!
  6. What is your ethnicity? Do you speak any other languages? I’m Korean and Japanese. Unfortunately I only speak English!
  7. What inspired you to start your Instagram? After my mom passed away after a lengthy illness, I wanted to find a creative outlet to channel my energy in a positive way. I’ve always loved fashion and thought being able to share my style with others would be fun!
  8. What is your biggest fear? That’s a hard one! I think my biggest fear would have to be letting people down. I’m always afraid of not meeting people’s expectations and tend to overcompensate by “over helping” or avoiding certain situations.
  9. How do you manage your time being a mom, wife, fashionista, and day job? Depending on the day you ask me, not very well! It’s very difficult to manage everyday life – packing for daycare, keeping on top of work deadlines, planning alone time with my husband, catching up with friends – while remembering to keep my own tank filled and happy. It’s easier now that Sophia is getting older and I’ve moved to a part-time work schedule, but time management has always been key. I love to-do lists and write one out every day – I even have an old fashioned day planner that I carry with me everywhere! For me, it’s also important to have a partner who is understanding, motivates and helps you achieve your goals no matter how big or small they are.
  10. What makes you follow a non “famous” Instagram account? It’s hard work at times, but I honestly love my little Instagram community! I enjoy following people that are like-minded and that I have common interests with – whether it be fashion, traveling, food, writing, etc! I’ve met so many motivational and kind people through this platform – I wish y’all lived in my neighborhood and we could hang out all the time! You’re all AMAZING! <3

xx, Kelly

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