Celebrating My Hubby’s Birthday in Jamaica!

YAH MON! It’s the perfect phrase to describe the Jamaica! Everyone on the island is so kind and accommodating, but laid back. We decided to take a quick vacation to escape the cold and celebrate my husband’s birthday. Lately, we have been taking a lot of trips to the Caribbean because I am still a little nervous to take a long flight with Sophia (Jamaica is only a 3 hour flight from Philly).

We stayed at the Hyatt, an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay. We upgraded to the Presidential Suite, the biggest suite in the hotel so Sophia had plenty of space to walk around and a separate room to nap without waking her up. Our room had two huge balconies, kitchen, dining area, living area, huge bedroom, walk in closet, and a gorgeous marble bathroom. Our room also included butler service, which we’ve had at other resorts, but this one was amazing because they gave us a cell phone to call whenever we needed something. I know at first it sounds a little unnecessary, but we used our butler all the time – he came in handy whenever we ran out of milk for Sophia, when we needed to set up babysitting services, make dinner reserverations, or to reserve a cabana for us.

The food at the resort was also great! Y’all know I’m a huge foodie – I’m usually wary of all-inclusive resorts because the food typically isn’t that good, but all of the restaurants that we tried were yummy! Me and my hubby also got a couples massage on the beach and a private romantic dinner on the beach. Most importantly, the staff was so kind – everyone from our butler, to the wait staff, to the nannies made you feel at home. I get very nervous leaving Sophia with strangers (she is very clingy and gets separation anxiety at this age), but she loved the nannies there and was even in their St. Patrick’s Day parade! I definitely recommend this resort if you’re looking for a quality all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean! We will definitely be back! xx, Kelly

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