Is Amazon Fashion Really Worth All the Hype?

Bag, (I’m wearing the Esther Ata Bag)

By now, you’ve probably heard about Amazon fashion. You may have even bought one or more clothes yourself! For months, some of my favorite bloggers have shared their super cute and incredibly cheap Amazon finds, but I’ve never ventured to purchase my own. Paper towels, baby toys, even food – sure, but never clothes. I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for and have been loyal to quality stores over the years like Nordstrom and Revolve.

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I was approached for a collaboration that I tried on my first piece of clothing from Amazon! The company sent me a couple of items that I picked out and woah, I was pleasantly surprised! The dress was fully lined, held up in washes, and fit like a glove. The bathing suit was also similar quality, and equally cute and stylish!

Since I had luck right off the bat with two Amazon finds, I decided to purchase a few more outfits myself. I bought 3 maxi dresses through Prime and a sundress that took about a week to ship. To my disappointment, I returned all 4 dresses. Even though I did my research and all of the items had pretty decent reviews, the quality didn’t match what I was expecting and the fit was too big for my small frame.

I didn’t want to throw in the towel just yet and ended up trying 3 more outfits – a dress, a romper and a cami/short set. This time, I ended up keeping the dress and romper that’s photographed in this post!

My overall thoughts? Amazon fashion finds can be a great deal if it works out (and Prime is worth the few extra bucks a month!), but expect to return at least half of your purchases. Sometimes the color or quality is different than it appears in photos, and sizing can be difficult since the clothing is manufactured from different countries. My advice is to do your research – check if the seller accepts free returns and read the customer reviews! I personally find the customer submitted photos super helpful.

Happy shopping! 😀 Comment below with your favorite Amazon find!

xx, Kelly 



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