Welcome to my revamped blog! I took a short hiatus from posting because my blog was starting to become more of a chore to me than a source of enjoyment. I lost the motivation to write and I couldn’t figure out why! Life has been pretty great lately – I got promoted and started a new job, and Sophia is developing into an amazingly intelligent and beautiful little girl. It wasn’t until I thought about re-designing my blog that I started to get excited about writing again. I came up with a new logo and layout, and my spark was instantly ignited! That’s a lot like life, right? Just like how seasons come and go, it’s important to remember self care and “spring clean” your life! Keep and hold close to you the people or things that make you happy. Shed your life of the people or things that drag you down! Change that job you’ve hated for years or finally take that dream vacation! It doesn’t necessarily have to be big changes, either. Sometimes just switching up the routine a little bit can do wonders. Take a walk during your lunch break, get rid of all the old clothes you haven’t worn in years, or be like me and give your blog a facelift! 😉

I look forward to writing again and sharing all of my experiences with you!

xx, Kelly

4 thoughts on “HELLO BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Well Said Kelly,

    We know exactly how you feel. It’s a lot of work, but can be enjoyable also if we allow it. Sometimes we just need that small timeout.

  2. I love how your blog turned out, and glad you’re back, Kelly! Now, I will look out for creams you will talk about out for wrinkles. haha

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